The EMR system we utilize will allow tremendous new access to your information.

You can view labs, request appointments, and exchange messages securely with the office staff or physician.  

This is a much more secure method of communicating electronically.  When you send a message with the secure web site, you will receive a generic email message requesting that you check your portal for details.  

You will get your lab results dramatically faster, in only days for most routine labs.

This compares to 10-14 days using traditional lab results, calls and mailers.

Patient Portal Access

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Portal Consent

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Click Here For Portal Access

If you know your username for the account, click to reset your password.  You’ll receive an email at the account registered after you answer some security questions only you should know.  You can change your password at any time as well.  

Please be aware that appointments cannot be made for the same day

through the portal system.  

*Simple complaints only, these are expedited visits for people in a rush for care. Not for multiple complaints or complicated visits please.  We can handle more complicated visits more thoroughly with traditional visits so you don't have to wait.


For added convenience we now offer walk-in appointments for simple complaints*:

Cough,  Bronchitis,  Bladder Infection,  Sore Throat,  Ear Infection,  Pink Eye,  ADHD refills, Poison Ivy

Monday - Friday 7:30 to Noon     AND     Monday - Thursday 1:30 - 4:30